Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mariacarla Boscono (Mar, 2005)

VIVA MARIACARLA.With a Moonlike face, fragile and sharp, intense expressionism, sparkling 1.77m, Mariacarla, the Roman, has a little something of Giulietta Masina, the most emotional neorealism heroine. Physically made for cinema, she would have probably puzzled Fellini. She inspires to Fashion a Strada of today.

A GIRL OF STYLE. Mariacarla Boscono. She masters extravagance with grace, prefers dresses that tell a story, and dresses up as if she was in a fairy tale. Fashion heroine and full of imagination, Mariacarla makes her life very beautiful.

ONE GIRL. Mariacarla is a girl from Rome, who loves cooking for a lot of people. She was first spotted by Karl Lagerfeld, who requested her for Fendi. She started her supermodel career with an exclusive contract of three years with Comme des Garçons. Short hair, pale face, black eyes: the fashion, in a conceptual way. “That was my first job. Of fashion, I just knew Versace, Claudia Schiffer... it has been a shock and a great education. They taught me another way of creativity.” Then, she did many campaigns for designers such as Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace, shows, shootings. “At that moment, I had a flight once a day.” She is obstinate, a perfectionist, and lives this intensity as a chance: “I wanted to learn from everyone, receive the maximum and give the maximum. We have one life to live!” Today, she is enrolled in the Lee Strasberg dramatic art lesson in New York.

ONE STYLE. “Hippy style, for its concept of freedom. Not for its look. Bohemian, for the colours of travel. Eclectic, but never looking like trash.” She wears fur, vinyl, wears a robe du soir for breakfast, and has dinner wearing a country Vietnamese skirt. Her allure is always a surprise. She knows the secret of a rich and very personal extravagance. Because her style is a protection, too. Mariacarla hides her shyness behind this beautiful eccentricity, which allows her to push her boundaries ahead. Dressing herself, she invents a bit of herself, too.

INSPIRATIONS. Her mother, “a fabulous & chic woman.” pushed her to cultivate her own identity not to look like everyone. “When I was a kid, I always saw her finding the perfect allure. Then, it was normal to me to find my own style. She taught me not to dress and live as the others do.” She quotes, too, the fashion world which allows her to free her personality, and be confident.

OBSESSION. Vintage dresses. She buys some and takes some in her mother’s dressing. Mariacarla’s dresses are a bit crazy and tell a story. Summer or winter, seasons do not matter. She just adds a sweat or a pair of tights. Lines from the thirties or cuts from the sixties, she makes forgetten the notion of time with a pair of Alexander McQueen platform-shoes or a pair of black vinyl leggings. She is never retro.

FAVOURITE. “My mom’s blue dress, it has little straps. It is from the seventies. I love it. I wear it in evening with a jewel, barefoot on the beach, under a fur by a snowy day in New York.”

SECURITY. A long black and yellow Sonia Rykiel dress. “I feel so comfortable in it. It is like I am in a blanket.”

FIDELITY. The glamorous and theatrical dress of her friend Riccardo Tisci.

ACCESSORIES. “My style is already too much, so I do the real minimum. As she is myopic, she collects glasses. She knows how to wear them by day or night.

TABOO. “These Ugg boots... horrible! Definitely not my style, and moreover everyone has them.”

SHOPPING. She is scared of. Then she finds a solution: she does a unique moment of it, which looks like an adventure. Mariacarla established her network. New York, Los Angeles, or Rome, she has contacts for vintage pieces and they call her every time they have very rare outfit. As instance, Giovanna, the old lady of the Portaportese Market in Roma, keeps for Mariacarla the best things she finds. “I listen to her telling me each story of each dress and I love that. Like this, I already have a memory for each one of them.”

PASSION. Travels. She travelled on the Transsyberien, 3000km in Mongolia and travelled through Vietnam. A passion-evasion which is fundamental in a garde-robe. “In those countries, you do not just buy in a store. You buy to someone. Someone that owned this skirt or this coat for several generations.” From a Vietnamese girl, she chooses the more used skirt. From Mongolia, she takes a little hat and five folk-coats. Her outfits have so many stories to tell.

SHOES. The only thing she does not buy vintage. She has a real passion for Manolo Blahnik. Lanvin, YSL, she can wear everything.

JEWELRY. Only two rings: the anneaux trios ors de Cartier. This is a gift from her boyfriend and a little family ring in platinum and diamonds. On the evening, she can wear a big afghan necklace but she can wear, too, a surfer necklace.

HAIR. Ashy blond at natural. “But I make them darker. My mom’s interpretation: it helps me to feel stronger.”

BEAUTY. Crealine lotion, Avène products, Crème de la Mer for her sensitive skin.

HOME. Ultra minimalist. Lighten white walls, big wooden table and plexi table.

HOT LIST. Manolo Blahnik, is a total addiction! 31West 54th St., New York. Corso Como for the Ricardo Tischi's dress, Corso Como 10, Milan. The parfumerie Santa Maria Novella has just been opened in New York at Lafayette Street, but the original one is magical, 16 villa Scala, Firenze. Don't forget Frederic Boudet, my hairdresser. I'm drinking a glass of redwine while he's doing my hair. A very cool place. Salon Robert Kree, 375 Bleecker Street, New York.

credit: (mariacarlaboscono.hpg.ig)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Filippa Hamilton (2005)

Five minutes with..
Filippa Hamilton, the 18-year-old face of Ralph Lauren

Discovered... "When my mother and I entered a mother/daughter modelling competition. The photographer, Marc Hispard, asked me to do a shoot for French Cosmopolitan and it steamrolled from there"

If I wasn't modeling, I'd..."Be an interior designer"

Splurged first pay cheque on..."A huge bubblegum machine I bought at Dylan's candy bar in New York and had shipped to France"

Reading: "The lovely bones by Alice Sebold"

Model Inspiration: "Christy Turlington. She epitomises chic, healthy, modern beauty"

Beauty-bag staples: "Kiehl's lip balm, Lancome Mousse Clarte cleanser and Lancome Nutri intense. Also a shea butter mask"

Fitness regime: "A mix of breathing and relaxing yoga, and sessions with a personal trainer who keeps me fit with runs around London parks"

Worst beauty blunder: " A stylist burnt my hair with straightening irons. All my hair ended up on the floor. I lost an editorial assignment over it as I looked completely different to the other girls"

Adores... "St-Tropez. I stay at a friend's house or Hotel Byblos, which I love"

Next Vacation?: "Miami. I love it for various reasons-the architecture at the beach, the colours, how people dress and the relaxed vibe."

On my to-do list..."Find an apartment in London-I've fallen in love with this city! I split my time here, working and attending art school."

Next career move: "I'm taking singing and acting classes. I auditioned for the part of the queen in Troy after the casting agents saw my Ralph Lauren campaign, but missed out."

Shopping haunts: "New York. SoHo for new designers; Fifth Avenue for designer labels."

Spot her in:The latest Ralph Lauren blue fragrance campaign shot by Bruce Webber

Credit: Harpers Bazaar

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dari Maximova (Date unknown)

German Supermodel Dari Maximova never considered modeling until she got scouted one day on her way to a H&M store in Berlin (Germany). Since then, she won the largest grand prize in the modeling industry when she was named the FORD Models Supermodel of the World 2002. In the meantime the 23-years-old eye-catcher started to lead a glamorous life in front of the camera and burned up the catwalks.
As a consequence the "bulgerman" (that's how she calls German Bulgarians) travelled a lot and lived in New York, Paris and London where she boosted her modeling career, but couldn't stay away from her beloved home and finally ended up in Berlin again.

How did you get started in the modeling business?
Dari: My booker catched me on the street and asked me, if i was modeling and if I could imagine doing it. Sure, I was very suspicious in the beginning, but finally ended up going to the agency to do some "polaroids" :).

Did you ever think you'd be doing this?
Dari: Not really, especially at these times. I was 17 and had other things in my mind, like skateboarding, basketball, stuff which doesn`t deal with fashion-industry at all.

What do you like most about modeling? What do you like least?
Dari: The opportunity to travel, to meet new people and to make experiences you wouldn't usually make by the age of 17. And I don`t really like the superficial site.

Ever get tempted to get pulled into the party scene?
Dari: Noooo, I only sit home and do yoga and eat carotts ! ;) Joke..I`m young and I love going out with my friends, specially when I`m back home in Berlin!!!

Have you developed any new interests since you started modelling?
Dari: Because of working as a model I got excperiences in art (especially fotography), fashion and styling.

What are your favourite things to do in your free time?
Dari: Spending time with my friends and my family, watching movies, reading books, music...etc.

Out of all the places your career has taken you, where was the most memorable?
Dari: Costa Rica....the nature is just amazing, but if you go there you shouldn`t be afraid of insects. ;)

Do you have a mentor? Who? What is it about them that affects you? Why?
Dari: My mum! And why ? Cause she has been through many things and can help me with her experiences.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? What could be your next career?
Dari: Married, 2-3 children, a house at the beach and a nice apartment in Berlin and having a job which i love! Wow, that would be nice, but earnestly who knows what the future brings!

What are your beauty secrets? How do you stay in shape?
Dari: I don't use many make up and try to get enough sleep . I hate to go to the gym, but to stay in shape I go for a swim and to the sauna twice a week.

What would you want people to know about you?
Dari: I think they know too much already ;)

Any advice for new models? What advice would you give other models starting out?
Dari: Don`t take it too serious and don`t forget there are many beautiful girls and boys out there...so the personality counts and makes you special.

Favourite all-time model:
Dari: Kate Moss

Favourite kind of food:
Dari: Pizza, Sushi, Pumkinsoup, "Schweinebraten" (roast pork) with bread dumpling and red cabbage. hmmmmmm

Favourite kind of music:
Dari: Electronical music, indyrock, oldshool hiphop, soul....

Favourite quote:
Dari: "Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead." ( by Hans Christian Andersen)

I'd like to meet:
Dari: People I lost in my life.

If I were trapped on an island I'd take:
Dari: Antimoscitospray, food, a bikini, sunlotion, and my boy ...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nadine Johnson (Nov 2006)

In the past few years, no fashion publicity firm has successfully distinguished itself like Nadine Johnson & Associates. In just over fifteen years in existence, the company has established itself as one of the very top destinations for luxurious party planning services and celebrity and socialite attraction. Just in the last month alone, Nadine Johnson has successfully put together huge events for Prada, Louis Vuitton and Valentino, just to name a few. The company’s bashes are smashing, organized affairs full of the social royalty, fashion gods and ever-flowing champagne and good spirit. The heart of the company (and its founder), Nadine Johnson discusses with us her routines and motivations in running a burgeoning business:

What gives you motivation every day?
The lack of routine.

Do you have any daily routines that you follow?
Reading nine daily papers, getting my fingers ink stained, then do yoga - all by 8:30 AM.

Did you always want to be a publicist?
No – I studied political science and law at the University in Brussels, then my ex-husband told me I should go into PR because I am a news junkie.

What is your favorite/most stressful part about planning an event?
Favorite: Picking the music and the right mix of people. Stressful: There is no stress in PR- Hahahaha!

What are some memorable moments form your recent list of very successful events?
When Fabiola Beracasa met Leo DiCaprio at the HBO party at Chateau last January - one of many “chance encounters” when you have the right mix (of guests).

Why are socialites important guests at any party?
Some (won’t say which ones) are loads of fun to have around and they “give” good photographs!

How do they make you invite list?
(I invite) only those relevant to the project/client.

What are you goals for next few years for your company?
Another 15 years of great fun and unique events and to bring value to my longstanding retainer clients.

Personal favorite New York places?
Indochine, The Mercer, Waverly Inn, Bar Pitti, as well the Cuban sandwich places next to my house in Chelsea.

(Credit: socialiterank)

Alison Nix (Nov, 2006)

Despite her burgeoning success, Alison Nix (Ford) manages to stay real. She walked the SS07 runways of Lanvin, Malandrino, John Galliano, and Y-3, to name a few. It wasn't too long ago in the FW06 Marc by Marc Jacobs show where Alison appeared with long, dark brown hair. Now, she's channeling a glamorous 1920s silent film star. Here, she talks with i love secondhand smoke about her radical transformation, runway shoes, and a supportive family that keeps her grounded.

How does it feel going from being a girl in Denver, Colorado to almost instantaneously being thrust in the spotlight in New York, Paris, and Milan?
Actually, I was just born in Denver, I grew up in Vegas. I started traveling like crazy when I graduated and it all happened so fast that I didn’t have time to let it sink in and now it's just routine. I feel so lucky to have gone to all these countries at such a young age but it can be so exhausting working in different time zones every week.

That haircut! It's very Louise Brooks and you look very magnificent! What did you think before, during, and after getting it?
I was so excited when I found out I was getting my haircut. I had long hair my entire life so I was ready for a change. After I got it cut I was pretty shocked, but after a week I loved it and now I don’t know if I will ever have long hair again. It changed everything!

During the SS07 shows, which shoes at which show were the most comfortable? Most uncomfortable?
Oh man, I don’t recall any comfortable shoes. The ultra high platform was very popular this season, which can be nerve racking when you're walking down the runway. I guess my favorite shoes were from the Karen Walker show in NY. They were old-fashion black and white men’s shoes, I would wear them all the time if I had them!

How is it being represented by Ford?
They are great. They work so hard for me and not only when it comes to modeling. I signed with them when I was 14, and they were always supportive of my education and understanding of my age.

Do you have any good model and/or celebrity friends?
My best friend is Leslie Masson, who is also with Ford. I don’t know how I would survive fashion week without her.

Who's the biggest influence in your life?
I’ve always looked up to my 2 older brothers. We are really close and they make sure I don’t let all this fashion stuff get to my head. Also, my mom and I are really close and she used to travel with me everywhere so she has the best understanding of what my job is like. She is the only one who will listen to my panic attacks during fashion week, I talk to her at least twice a day.

Where's the place to be this winter?
Everywhere is so beautiful. New York has this great gloomy mood with leafless trees and grey skies. I was just in Paris and it was beautiful with yellow leaves and the sun. I’m not used to seeing all this change because in Vegas it’s just dirt so everything always looks the same. And I love wearing scarves and mittens and hats!

credit: (I lovesecondhandsmoke.blogspot.com)