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Alison Nix (Nov, 2006)

Despite her burgeoning success, Alison Nix (Ford) manages to stay real. She walked the SS07 runways of Lanvin, Malandrino, John Galliano, and Y-3, to name a few. It wasn't too long ago in the FW06 Marc by Marc Jacobs show where Alison appeared with long, dark brown hair. Now, she's channeling a glamorous 1920s silent film star. Here, she talks with i love secondhand smoke about her radical transformation, runway shoes, and a supportive family that keeps her grounded.

How does it feel going from being a girl in Denver, Colorado to almost instantaneously being thrust in the spotlight in New York, Paris, and Milan?
Actually, I was just born in Denver, I grew up in Vegas. I started traveling like crazy when I graduated and it all happened so fast that I didn’t have time to let it sink in and now it's just routine. I feel so lucky to have gone to all these countries at such a young age but it can be so exhausting working in different time zones every week.

That haircut! It's very Louise Brooks and you look very magnificent! What did you think before, during, and after getting it?
I was so excited when I found out I was getting my haircut. I had long hair my entire life so I was ready for a change. After I got it cut I was pretty shocked, but after a week I loved it and now I don’t know if I will ever have long hair again. It changed everything!

During the SS07 shows, which shoes at which show were the most comfortable? Most uncomfortable?
Oh man, I don’t recall any comfortable shoes. The ultra high platform was very popular this season, which can be nerve racking when you're walking down the runway. I guess my favorite shoes were from the Karen Walker show in NY. They were old-fashion black and white men’s shoes, I would wear them all the time if I had them!

How is it being represented by Ford?
They are great. They work so hard for me and not only when it comes to modeling. I signed with them when I was 14, and they were always supportive of my education and understanding of my age.

Do you have any good model and/or celebrity friends?
My best friend is Leslie Masson, who is also with Ford. I don’t know how I would survive fashion week without her.

Who's the biggest influence in your life?
I’ve always looked up to my 2 older brothers. We are really close and they make sure I don’t let all this fashion stuff get to my head. Also, my mom and I are really close and she used to travel with me everywhere so she has the best understanding of what my job is like. She is the only one who will listen to my panic attacks during fashion week, I talk to her at least twice a day.

Where's the place to be this winter?
Everywhere is so beautiful. New York has this great gloomy mood with leafless trees and grey skies. I was just in Paris and it was beautiful with yellow leaves and the sun. I’m not used to seeing all this change because in Vegas it’s just dirt so everything always looks the same. And I love wearing scarves and mittens and hats!

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