Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hilary Rhoda (2006)

Hilary comments on 10 of the fall 06 shows she was in:

1."The Lacoste show was really fun, but my boots were about two
sizes too small for me. It was pretty painful."

2."The leather jacket that I wore for Proenza Schouler was my favorite piece in the whole collection. It was so sleek and cool. I loved wearing it."

3."The Ralph Lauren show was on the last day of New York Fashion Week and I was so tired that I overslept! Can you tell that I just woke up?"

4."It's almost easier to keep in touch with family and friends because of the downtime before the actual show begins. While I'm getting my hair done I can send a quick text or email."

5."The only time I got really nervous was opening Balenciaga. The whole time I was praying that I wouldn't fall in those platforms."

6."I love getting my hair done (like here at the Rochas show) because the stylists are so good at making you look fabulous. But the downside is trying to recapture the look yourself—it never works out."

7."It's pretty chaotic backstage, but that's what I love about modeling. Here at Giambattista Valli, someone's trying to squeeze my foot in a shoe while another person is putting lotion on my arm."

8."At Chanel they had a sign telling us to perk up, have fun, and smile for the cameras. Most of the time designers want you to look serious, but I prefer smiling."

9."For this look at Chloé, they wanted me to walk "young and fresh". It was easy with the cute little jumpsuit and really cool platforms."

10."Right before we stepped onto the runway at Louis Vuitton they shoved these huge hats down on our eyes. It was a good thing that it covered half of my face because I got really sick the day of the show."


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