Thursday, October 19, 2006

Micheal Levaton, President of Metropolitan Model Agency

Mr Levaton how did you become a general manager of a model agency?
ML:There is no such thing as an early drive or motivation. After spending 15 years as a customer of model agencies, through a coture houseI was in charge of, this new career turned out to be a natural continuation of my old job, in an environment that has always been very familiar to me.

Why Metropolitan?
ML: When we first started in 1986, model agencies were not at all what they have become today. In the 80's, business was neat and friendly, but not particularly suited to the market's demands. Girls ended up modelling for the social status attached to it, rather than out of finicial need.
The concept of Metropolitan was to stick much more closely to what customers wanted, notably by innovating and imposing girls that did not necessarily meet the beauty standards of the time.

Were the early days tough?
ML: We first started in very small premises, with only four girls! Of course, at that time we had very little financial means, but lots of amibition.

And what about today?
ML:Today Metropolitan is a well renowed agency on a worldwide basis. We work around the globe through affilitates and representatives, and we actively manage the career of approximately 350 models.

What types of girls are you looking for?
ML: The ones we don't have yet! I look around for a more unusual type of beauty, one that has not been widely broadcast by the media.


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