Friday, October 12, 2007

Jodie Barnes (date unknown)

Kuki de Salvertes : Jodie, how did you get into fashion? Tell me how and when everything started.

Jodie Barnes : I have been really into clothes since I was about 3. I guess my interest stems from my mother, who was very glamorous. I remember sitting on the end of her bed watching her get ready to go to parties. She wore a fair bit of Halston and Giorgio Sant Angelo and had the most incredible collection of handbags I have ever seen.
By the time I was 12/13 I was buying The Face, iD, Vogue Homme amongst others and I was really inspired by Anna Cockburn's work (as well as Joe Mckenna and Melanie Ward) and I decided to become a stylist. I didn t really want to go to fashion college so I decided to study English and French literature. I think that was the right choice.
After studying, I did Pr for about a year to get an overview of the industry and then I assisted various stylists for about 3 years.

KdS : About your first shoot. When was it? For which magazine? What are the memories you still have from it?

JB : I was lucky as I didn't test. The first story I shot was with Philip Gay and was called ‘The Laughing Cavalier”. We managed to place it in a magazine called Teknikart. I remember being really happy to have my first ever solo styling job published. It was about 7 years ago.
It really was a lot of fun that day. The story was based around the idea of some kid dressing up in military costume – a bit like young kids do, and we asked the model to jump in a puddle. He decided he would dive head first and he was completely covered in mud – it made a great picture. That was the last shot and he left to go and meet his girlfriend, without having a shower! It was so funny.
I decided that having fun on a shoot was the most productive way of working… and still believe that today.

KdS : What makes the characteristic of your style?

JB : My work is quite simple. If something does not need to be part of the outfit or image, then it is generally not there. I guess my work is classic but a bit weird. I like a little bit of ‘care in the community'. But, at the same time, what I like changes, in the same way that fashion does. I find that interesting.

KdS : What does the Jodie Barnes schedule look like? Is it as complex as we could imagine? How much of your time do you give to magazine editorials?

JB : I devote a huge part of my time to editorials. Since I became fashion editor at arena Homme Plus, my workload has increased dramatically as I shoot both women s and men s wear. It can be really hard balancing the two. I try and keep those people that have been great supporters of mine happy - ie Ashley Heath and his projects, the guys at iD magazine and Jo Ann Furniss, my editor.

KdS : How many shoots do you style each season?

JB : About 6.

KdS : What is your best shoot ever, the one you will never forget? Why?

JB : My last shoot is usually my favourite. I love working with Paul Wetherell. It is always a pleasure, and he has become a friend through working together.

KdS : Actually, what in a designer, a collection, a show makes you enthusiastic, motivates you and inspires you?

JB : I am inspired by people who work hard, and suggest new ideas through their work. There are so many designers, photographers and stylists that I feel have contributed great things to the industry, and each one of those has their own way of suggesting new things, so it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what inspires me, but I would say ‘originality' is the most important thing.

KdS : Jodie, is there a life after styling? If yes, what are your future projects?

JB : I am still a baby in the scheme of things so I would hope to have a much longer career in styling than I have had already. This year is as much of an unknown to me as any life I could consider ‘after' styling, but I would say living next to the beach would come high on the list…. Oh and I love kids.



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