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Hedi Slimane (Oct,2004)

The shape of time: why the new watch from Christian Dior Homme designer Hedi Slimane is anything but bling-bling as usual

JOSEPH ERRICO: Let's talk about your new line of watches for Christian Dior Homme, which will be available in Dior boutiques this fall. What inspired the designs for the three versions?

HEDI SLIMANE: I've always been interested in watches that look scientific, like the ones used in the army. It was about measuring time very precisely and graphically. They're more minimal than most.

JE: This is a very technical watch, for a real watch enthusiast. And instead of putting precious jewels around the face which has been the trend lately--you put them on the back and inside so the watch will operate smoothly.

HS: Yeah. I'm a bit old school in terms of watches. I have an uncle in Switzerland who is an expert on old collectable ones, so I knew I didn't want to design a fashion watch. I view this watch less as an accessory than as a device for living.

JE: What was your overriding inspiration?

HS: I started with a simple idea, but I subverted everything; every aspect of the watch has been reworked. It's all a bit asymmetrical; I took in a bit here and put it back over there. I approach design in a very horizontal way, but then I like to add some element that will break it, like graphisme in the mid-'20s. That's how red was used there and also with these watches. It means you have to start all over again, which, of course, is what "reset" means.

JE: How do you think the concept of time has evolved in the 21st century?

HS: I think there's a different sense of time: time for others and time for oneself. Personally, I've learned to do less of the things that I don't care about.

Interview credit: interview magazine
Image credit: nownow


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