Sunday, July 09, 2006

Doutzen Kroes (July 2006)

The Frysian Doutzen Kroes (21) is doing shows for Viktor&Rolf and Dsquared, she’s the face of Calvin Klein and this autumn also L’Oréal Paris. Two years ago she was on ELLE’s cover, by now she’s hot in the world of fashion. ELLE searched for Doutzen for a retrospection.

What do you remember from that covershoot?
‘It was fun to do, especially because it’s a Dutch magazine. Now my friends could see me on a cover, they rather buy a Dutch ELLE then an Italian Vogue.’
Are you different in your work now then 2 years ago?
‘It’s getting easier. You get used to the travelling. I’m working with the same people, it’s actually a very small world.’
What the biggest change in your life?
‘Moving to New York. I really needed to get used to it there, I missed my friends and family. It’s so different then Oostermeer, the village where I’m from. When people asked if I was going to live in Brooklyn or Manhattan, I said; No, I’m going to live in New York. I really didn’t know the difference.’
Are things different then you expected?
‘The fashionworld is less glamourous then it seems. It’s very busy. People always expect me to be beautiful and never being ill.’
Do you think it’s hard to stay with both feet on the ground?
‘No. Some girls act like a diva. That’s a stimulus for me to do that not. I think it’s important for people like me. I did learn to defend myself, but I don’t think that’s acting like a diva.’
Did there ever go something wrong during a fashionshow?
‘During a show for Victoria’s Secret, my shoe fell off. I did not know what to do. Keep on walking or go back? I reacted just to turn around and pick up the shoe. And during a show for Dsquared my heel kept hanging in my dress (?), I just tried to keep on walking and not make a weird face.’
How does it feel to be the face of L’Oréal Paris?
‘I’m very honoured to be part of their team with all those famous actresses.’
What do you want to do after your modelling career?
‘I want to do something for the world. I’m living in a dreamworld, being surrounded by luxury. Some time ago I was on holiday in Sri Lanka and saw how it’s like in poor countries. I realised: What’s bothering me now? Clothes?


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