Friday, June 23, 2006

Alexandre Herchcovitch (Sept, 2005)

What inspired your Spring 2006 collection?

The freedom movements of the late '60s and '70s.

What music are you using for your show?

Animal Collective

What Fashion Week parties are you most excited about?

No excitement about that!

Why do you think New York is the fashion capital of the world?

Everything happens there!

What's the most amazing fashion show you've ever attended?

Vivienne Westwood, "Les Cocotes Stop the Traffic" collection of 1994-5.

When you were younger, was there one, pivotal "moment" that led you to a career in fashion?

The first dress I made for my mother in 1987.

What are you wearing right now? Please include fragrance, if applicable.

A Canada burgundy and off-white Olympics T-Shirt, Carhartt dark gray sweatshirt, Gap dark gray trousers, Nike sneakers, Nike socks, Calvin Klein underwear and a Codelane's gold baseball hat.


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