Monday, May 29, 2006

Julia Dunstall (Aug 2005)

A stunning farm girl from Gunn, Alberta, Dunstall has only been modelling full-time since April, and has already walked in a Chanel couture show in Paris, shot with Karl Lagerfeld and Steven Meisel and is appearing for the second time in Italian Vogue.

Her agent at Giovanni Models, Katie Martin, calls her "truly one of the most naturally beautiful women." Her mother agent, Mode Models' Kelly Streit, refers to Julia as a "re-book her" girl, and makes mention of her mellow, loves life attitude.

Modelresource met with the modest 20-year-old when she was in Toronto recently to shoot for Holt Renfrew.

Modelresource (MR): How long have you been modelling?

Julia Dunstall (JD): They (Mode Models) have known me since I was 12, but I didn't want to do anything until I was finished school.

MR: Do you think you could have handled this lifestyle earlier, like when you were 16?

JD: No. Definitely not. I was really shy and certainly not confident enough to be able to do this.

MR: What's it like being in New York?

JD: Pretty crazy. Gunn is the middle of nowhere. You have to drive an hour to get to the city. So being right in the New York City is really good because I can take the bus and hang out with friends and do different things.

It's weird going back home to the farm. Two different worlds, definitely. It's always good to go home though.

MR: Did you know much about modelling before you started?

JD: Not really. I was tomboyish and didn't want to do modelling because it was for girly-girls.

I'm trying though. It takes a while because there are a lot of names to remember, and it happens so quickly because you're meeting a new bunch of people everyday.

MR: Have you encountered any surprises along the way?

JD: It surprises me how much work it is… how tiring it is. It's not how they portray it.

Especially in the beginning it's like go, go, go all the time. You're shooting until late then waking up early. It's hard work.

MR: Are you getting used to the attention?

JD: Not really, no. It's really weird because I've always been really shy.

MR: Other than shy, how would you describe yourself?

JD: Easy-going. Crazy sometimes. I have fun when I'm with my friends, like throwing each other around on the streets.

MR: Have you developed any new interests since you started modelling?

JD: I'm just learning how to skateboard in New York. And taking guitar lessons.

MR: Are you staying in a models apartment there?

JD: I'm trying to find my own place. Models apartments are interesting but I'd like people to be able to come visit. They can't really do that now.

MR: How are you finding Toronto, and Giovanni?

I was here in April. It's where I started. I really like it here. It's smaller than New York. A lot slower paced, but still cool.

MR: And Mode Models?

JD: Really great. Very supportive. Kelly's always phoning to say 'hi,' when I'm up on the farm. It's like 'Hey, how's it going up there.' He's really cool.

MR: He's from a small town in Alberta too.

JD: That's right. It's the small town connection.

MR: What about Women Management in New York?

JD: They've really been pushing me, which is why I'm doing so well.

MR: What do you want after this is all done?

JD: If I can make some money I'd really like to get a ranch in the mountains.

MR: Do you have any plans for further schooling?

JD: I think so, but I'm not sure what I would take yet. Probably something with kids.


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