Sunday, May 28, 2006

Gemma Ward (2006)

Interview with "idol model" GEMMA WARD

Spring/Summer 06 collections being her fifth season, the doll face model, Gemma Ward is popular as ever.
However, there were some changes-she has become more expressive, more woman-like. Not only is she an "idol-model", but she is the real top model. Many famous photographers are eager to take pictures of her new side-the sexy one.

WWD: Tell us your favorite show this season apart from Marc Jacobs.
Gemma Ward: I LOVED John Galliano`s show!!! There were so many different kinds of people. Also, it was fun being with the two "Lily"s-Lily Donaldson and Lily Cole.
WWD: How about the best party, or the best event?(apart from Marc Jacobs)
Gemma: Probably "V" which was a party held by Mario Testino. After dinner at "La Esquina"(not sure of the spelling)、 there was a performance by Dita Von Ties (not sure as well) which was absolutely fantastic!
WWD: Tell us what it was like in the show and after party of Marc Jacobs.
Gemma: Well, as you can probably imagine, it was AMAZING. I went with my friends and we saw so many was kinda crazy because Marc Jacobs and the Pennsylvania marching band were practically taking over the whole dance floor, but we were watching from the balcony which was pretty safe.
WWD: Was there anything in this season`s collections you`re eyeing on, or something you bought? Also, tell us what the "center-of-attention item" was among your model friends!
Gemma: Hmm...I bought a pretty white dress and a white leather bag with gold buckles from Miu Miu, a cute yellow and blue dress and a bag made of leopard fur from Roberto Cavalli, some pair of high-heeled shoes from Prada, a thing from Marni, and a cool skirt from Zac Posen. I also want a white dress from Proenza Schouler and a bag from Yves Saint Laurent.
WWD: What was the most interesting shooting you`ve done recently?(and why)
Gemma: I worked with Collin Day and Kate Fellan in Sydney for a shooting for British Vogue. It was the first time I worked in my home country with a team abroad, so it was really nice to let them know about my country. I even introduced my family to them!
WWD: What was it like, co-starring with a deer in the ads and the commmercial for INDIVI? Did it make you nervous to actually act, with lines? Do you like how it all turned out?
Gemma: I wasn`t at all nervous because I`ve done acting before. Rather, I was very relaxed. The ad? Beautiful!
WWD: Tell us some funny episodes during the shooting.
Gemma: Funny episodes...let me see...actually there were a lot beacuse we worked with real animals! They were really scared at first, and they kept moving around and won`t stay still! The deer was adorable, but like the other animals, it kept running around! It was so funny watching the staff trying to get hold of it! There was a time when that deer disappeared but turned out that it was hiding behind a pile of leaves!! Poor thing...
WWD: Who do you especially get along with? We`d also like to know if there are any new models you`re kind of keep an eye on.
Gemma: The models I hang out with are Lily Donaldson, Lily Cole, Caroline Winberg, Julia Stegner and Lisa Cant. I`m also friends with the aussies-Nicole Trunfio and Jessica Gomes. Sometimes, I also hang out with Daria and Erin too. About the new models--yes, I`m always conscious of the new girls coming into the industry. Especially Tanya and Snejana who are in the Yves Saint Laurent ad.
WWD: Is there anyone who you affect what you wear?
Gemma: I`m always inspired by Lauren Hatton. She`s a beautiful woman, a realistic person with a strong will.
WWD: We`d really like to know what cosmetics you use or some beauty tips you know.
Gemma: I always use a mascara from maybeline, skin products from Jurlique, eyeshadows and lipsticks from stila, and a foundation from Becka. Oh, and my lip balm is from Lucan Pow Pow and my concealer is from Yves Saint Laurent. I also like the bronzer stuff from Nars.
WWD: If you could go anywhere or have something, where would you go or want and why?
Gemma: I`d love to go to Africa and India. It`s, you know, very different and probably very beautiful as well. It would be wonderful if I can do some charity, and take part in the Missionaires of Charity, founded by Mother Teresa. My grandmother used to work there.
WWD: How did you spend your Christmas vacation this year? What about New Years?
Gemma: I was with my family, at my home in Perth for Christmas. On New years, I was in a town near the beach called Yalingup (acester, am did i get the spelling correct? lol) . Then I went to Sydney and had fun at Bondai Beach (
WWD: What`s the thing you`re really into right now, and tell us why.
Gemma: I don`t know what enabled me to succed in this industry, but I truly enjoy modeling. I`m interested in every process of shooting and understanding the circumstances behind it.
WWD: Is there anybody in particular that you would want to meet?
Gemma: Someday, I wish I could meet Sophia Coppra (spelling....for the hundreth time lol). Her works describe precisely what women are in the contemprary world. Other than her, I looove "Kings of Leon" and of course, Johnny Depp! I`d also like to meet Clinton Eastwood and George Clooney.
WWD: What`s your favorite book/CD/magazine/movie at the moment?
Gemma: I love "Kings of Leon", Dandy Wharhols, Jonathan Saffron Fouer, Brokeback Mountain , Kiss Kiss Bang! Bang! , and Walk The Line.
WWD: How do you spend your free time?
Gemma: When I`m out of work, I mostly spend my time on the beach surfing, with my friends. Jetskiing, listening to music, talking with my family, playing with my pet animals...anything.
WWD: Were you caught by any paparazzis this season?
Gemma: Well, yes. When I`m backstage and done with all the makeup, as soon as I stand up from the chair, I`ll be surrounded by only have a short time before the show begins and I would rather use the time to talk with my friends I rarely get to see or get myself together for the show, but oh well...


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